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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Community Give-Back Event at Pace Law School (March 31, 2011)

It’s been a VERY busy week, organizing our community give-back event, so we haven’t been able to update the blog recently.  Hopefully you forgive us  ;-)

This past Thursday (March 31) we held our community giveback event at Pace Law School.  It was nice to share our ideas on green living, and seemed to make an impact on the people who attended.  We’ve described the event on the GWG blog website, but we want to share some photos and video clips from the event so you have an idea of what we talked about.  At the end of this post we’re providing links to the info sheets that we provided to the audience, which contains more information on the topics we discussed.

The audience grabs snacks and chats before we gave our talk.
Faculty, staff, and students all came to the event!
In this clip, we’re describing our experience with the GWG contest and the reason we came to Pace Law School for our give-back event (thank you, Pace, for hosting us).

Next, we talk about the dangers of plastic bags, and why it’s important that we reduce our consumption by bringing reusable bags when we go shopping.

Then we moved on to eco-friendly shopping tips…

We’re big fans of DIY cleaning products after our seminar at Stone Barns with Alexandra Zissu.  Better for your health and the environment!

Our dependence on fossil fuels to produce energy is a growing concern with every passing day, contributing to climate change.  There are some easy ways to reduce your consumption.

Freshwater is limited and it takes energy to get to our homes, so we are doing what we can to use less water in our home.

Last but not least, we wanted to talk about electronic recycling.  It seems like every day a new, cool and exciting electronic gadget hits the market, rendering older devices outdated or obsolete.  But what happens to those old devices?

At the end of our event we raffled off a GREEN prize to one lucky audience member!

For more information about the topics we discussed during the event, we’re providing the info sheets we prepared for the audience.  Of course, the information here is not nearly exhaustive – we encourage everyone to do research on their own and learn what more they can do to help our planet.  We all need to do our part, but the cumulative impact of all our small actions can be huge!


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