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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Environmental Awareness School Presentation

If you’ve been following the GWG contest blog, you may have read that we had plans to give an environmental awareness presentation to a 3rd grade classroom last week.  Unfortunately, we were told a couple of days before that we could not publicize the event for the purposes of the contest (winning a wedding is perceived as monetary gain, and a conflict for the school).  HUGE bummer, for us and for the students.  We’re done whining about the disappointment and want to make our presentation available to whoever might find it useful out there.  We designed it with a 3rd grade, urban school audience in mind, but it could be tailored to fit a wider range of ages with a little tweaking.  If you know any teachers who are looking for things to do in their classroom as part of Earth Day, perhaps share this blog post with them.

We have never developed a lesson plan before and found this to be a lot of work (teachers – we have so much RESPECT for you all; thank you for everything you do).  It was fun to think about how to teach kids, to really get through to them about the importance of the environment.  Amy grew up in a fairly rural area of Maine, and Douglas grew up in a major city; our perspectives on the environment were quite different as children.  However, we realized when making this presentation that it was our connectedness with nature that eventually led us to the career paths we chose, doing our best to protect the planet.  We hope by sharing this, a few teachers will use this in their schools, and maybe, just maybe, we will awaken the environmental spirit within a few kids.  Let’s see!

Click here to access the power point presentation, and let us know if you plan to use it (we don't want credit, just nice to know if it gets used).

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  1. Different range of age has different perception about the current situation of our planet but the connection each one has for the environment would simplify everything and environmental awareness training is a key to it. I admire that there are individuals like you who exert effort to influence people even the new generation. Hopefully, many would follow your footsteps.